ASTA June meeting with workshop.

Posted: 18 June 2017 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Another great exercise from Textbook # 5 – Arranging in Glass Containers. Originally we were going to get members to swap their container to add another dimension, but saved by ‘the bell’ because many had already started their arrangement.

Working in a workshop rather than a class we tended to share ideas with one another rather than focusing on your Sensei. Some of the points/suggestions/comments made were – a small and dainty arrangement is just as powerful as a large arrangement. The use of glass is good way to encourage the creation of space and lightness. The level of the water was discussed several times and the general conclusion was it is up to the artist to what they think best suits their arrangement. Turning the arrangement gives a totally different image/design possibly more so than in a ceramic container.

This workshop also had some of the members experimenting with the ‘alchemy’ of colouring the water, the physics of turning containers upside down inside water, the quandary of what floats and what sinks – all these experiments seemed to do the opposite to what we wanted! What about containers that have writing on the glass – the writing seemed to disappear once the arrangement is in place – challenging – back to the ‘drawing board’ with that idea.

We often overlook the elements and principles of Sogetsu when working with glass because it ‘throws up’ a whole lot of new challenges, which we become totally focus on thus forgetting the true essence of Sogetsu.