Arrangements Using Palms

Posted: 16 May 2018 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

Today’s workshop was inspired by Christopher James’ recent write up in his Roadside Ikebana blog, ‘Using Dried Palm Material’.

It is only when we are restricted to a particular material that we become aware of the many parts that can be used in an arrangement. For starters there are so many different species of palm trees, approximately 2600 growing in tropical, sub tropical and warm temperate climates. Of course Sydney has a limited variety but all the same there is a huge choice on hand.

I suspect that most people walk through life seeing or assuming palm trees only have long trunks, huge divided leaves and maybe produce fruit. Ikebana artists tend to look a little further but even so there is so much more to discover. Today’s workshop showed the diversity of one kind of material.

The range of material and creativity can be seen in the following photos.