Arrangement ‘Vertical with Squares’

Posted: 26 June 2018 ()

Written by Sandy Marker

I presented this theme to my students as ‘homework inspiration’ during a break from lessons while I was travelling last year. The response was amazing so thought I would suggest this to Seiseki Umemura to use as one of his lessons themes.

I haven’t spoken to anyone who did the lesson to see what challenges they came up against. If it was me I would jump at this especially to do something a little ‘way-out’ where two main subjects have to work together to form a strong focal theme to complete the arrangement.

I suppose one could approach this theme a couple of ways: – maybe by following Book 3 Lesson, then applying squares made of unconventional material. Another method could be form squares with the plant material and arrange in a vertical position. Whichever way you choose it will certainly fit the brief. One thing I noticed no one made actual squares just the out line of a square (still within the context of the theme).

Why not try this theme for fun drawing on your knowledge of attaching unconventional materials plus discovering new properties whilst forming squares with your material