100th Sogetsu Exhibition 'Hana San Ka'

Written by Sandy Marker

One year after the school was set up in 1928 the first exhibition was held becoming a big step into the world of ikebana.

Three members from the NSW Branch joined the 870 exhibitors from Japan and around the world to exhibit in the 100th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition, ‘Hana San Ka’. The exhibition held over 6 days was held in Takashiyama, Nihombashi, Tokyo.

Ping Block exhibited in the second session, the title to her work Galaxies inspired by space movies. Ping also assisted with a major installation direct by Master Instructor Mr Kawana.
Ping Block

Sandy Marker exhibited in the second session. The work was inspired by Ankor Watt but this time more up dated to the modern world naming the work Technology Succumbs to Nature
Sandy Marker

Masae Ako exhibited in third session. and the work was Untitled Masae Ako

The exhibition was amazing, displaying very creative ideas using a plethora of material.