Vesna Isik

My first encounter with Ikebana was in October 1981 in Tokyo. I was mesmerized and had to explore this amazing art form. My first sensei was Viva Jeffery and then participated in workshops with Norman Sparnon for lots of inspiration and guidance.

Upon reaching my Fourth grade Teacher’s Certificate I worked professionally doing ikebana commercially to Canberra businesses and private clients alike. This list includes the National Art Gallery, Portrait Gallery, Botanical Gardens, Japanese Embassy, many restaurants plus working with architects on projects such as suppling exhibits for Display Eco Living Homes. My private clients included Sir John Overall’s book launch ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. My career also led to teaching at Bruce TAFE and Reid College.

After 30 years I have scaled down the business now that retirement is eminent, and I do ikebana for total pleasure for myself and friends

Vesna Isik Vesna Isik Vesna Isik Vesna Isik Vesna Isik