Maude Freymond-Wanner

The art of arranging flowers came into my life naturally. I was a contemplative child, fascinated by the shapes and shadows of trees, playing in my garden with branches, leaves and flowers.

For 15 years I created sculptures using different media from clay to concrete. Inspired by the creative process, I wanted to explore ephemeral sculpture. I cherish beauty and poetry and found in ikebana a way to express both.

Since 2015, I have been practicing regularly in Australia and Switzerland, respectively with Sandra Marker and Ines Massin. They are very inspiring teachers who have guided me on my path with flowers. I consider ikebana to be a meditative practice, a playful and soothing way to create Beauty everywhere I live. The practice of ikebana invites me to look at life with curiosity and renewed joy … reconnecting with the contemplative child I have always been.

Maude Freymond-Wanner Maude Freymond-Wanner Sketching ideas for an arrangement Maude Freymond-Wanner Maude Freymond-Wanner Maude Freymond-Wanner