Alex Ng

Since she was a young girl, Alex has been interested in flower arrangement. She had completed a certificate in Floristry at TAFE. The style of Ikebana Sogetsu truly captivated her heart when she saw the art form represented by Ikebana International exhibited at the ABC Garden Show sixteen years ago. Subsequently she has started learning under Master Masae Ako through to the present day. She obtained her first certificate in Sogetsu Ikebana in November 2002 and at present has the ranking of Joinn Sanyo.

Alex loves the Sogetsu style because it has the mixture of simplicity and elegance, while remaining classic but dynamic. She also loves the philosophy and disciplines behind the art of Sogetsu Ikebana. Alex strives to involve herself with any opportunities to participate and educate others via activities including exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops to share her love of the art.

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