About ANZ Sogetsu Teachers Association Inc.

History of the Victorian Branch

The inaugural meeting of the Victorian Branch was held on November l977 with approximately forty members present. Victorian Branch currently has fifty four members many of whom were part of the original group. Our Branch appreciated the support and guidance Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sparnon gave us during their lifetime.

We have been fortunate to have had all four of our Headmasters visit Victoria, Mr. Sofu Teshigahara in l967 Miss Kasumi Teshigahara in l974 and Mr. Hiroshi and Miss Akane Teshigahara in l993. Over the years we have welcomed a number of Master Instructors from the Sogetsu Foundation who have conducted workshops and demonstrations guiding us with their creative ideas.

Over the years we have exhibited at interesting Galleries often in conjunction with pottery and woodblock prints. Department Stores such as Myers, David Jones, Georges and Diamaru have provided us with space within their store or gallery. Heidi Museum of Modern Art has invited us on two occasions to exhibit large outdoor arrangements in the garden surrounding their Gallery. Kazari a very interesting Japanese shop/gallery, have been extremely generous with providing their premises to us on a number of occasions.

We have four monthly workshops on a Monday and four on a Saturday morning catering for students and working members. This year our practicing teachers were asked to be responsible for a workshop and this has proved to be most successful bringing new ideas to our work. We currently have twelve practicing teachers in Victoria, their enthusiasm and dedication to promoting the Sogetsu Foundation’s curriculum ensures Sogetsu Ikebana for the future in Victoria.