Paradise Plants Open Weekend - May 2011

Posted: 23 May 2011 ()

Paradise Plants - May 2011

Written by Sandy Marker

Many days of rain preceded the Open Garden weekend making collecting material a little hazardous due to the slippery ground. This challenge certainly did not hinder the keen Sogetsu members who took advantage of Mr. Bob Cherry’s generous offer to pick anything we desired. Like ‘children in a candy store’ we often find it hard to select material because there always seems to be something more interesting around the next corner of the garden

The Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) was in full flower but because it is an extraordinary difficult flower to use in Ikebana we left it to be admired it in its full glory on the shrub. The colours of the Brugmansia ranged from white, apricot, pink and a double yellow, certainly a stunning sight.

Fun was had on the lawn with lichen-covered branches and autumn leaves trying to encourage young children to become involved with the arrangement.