Kathy Morris

Kathy Morris has been inspired by nature, and by how Sogetsu practice enables her to be part of what Sofu sees as “the drama enacted between mankind and nature”.
The ways that Sogetsu enables the joy of nature to be brought into rooms is something Kathy values, as wells the camaraderie of ASTA. She counts exhibiting as a highlight of her practice, as well as the collaborative process of making large installations.

Since being given the chore of watering her mother’s rose garden in the Illawarra, Kathy has enjoyed flowers. She considers herself to have been privileged by benefiting from study with a number of Sogetsu teachers in three states, beginning with Mildred Goldsmith in Noosa Heads from 1983, and including Norman Sparnon when he visited Melbourne.

Kathy became a student of Masae Ako after seeing Masae demonstrate the making of an installation at the David Jones Spring Festival, Sydney in 1999.

Kathy completed the Teacher’s Course Fourth Grade in 2005.
She has a special interest in bringing Sogetsu to the attention of young people.